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What is North Shore Holiday House?

North Shore Holiday House is a non for profit sleep-away summer camp for girls between the ages of 7 and 15, from Long Island. We are set on 4-acres of land and have access to a swimming pool, basketball court and campfire area.

Where is North Shore Holiday House?

We are located on Long Island, just one hour away from New York City by train. 

Where Will I Be Living?

Camp Counselors can expect to live in cabins with campers. A typical cabin has three counselors and up to twelve campers. There are two shower blocks, located outside of the cabins which both have toilet facilities. Counselors will be sharing their space with campers throughout the summer, therefore privacy is restricted. Kitchen & Housekeeping Staff live in the main building, away from campers, and have access to their own bathroom facilities. Directors and Assistant Directors live on-site. 

Where Do Our Staff Come From?

Our staff come to camp from various countries including Colombia, Mexico, England, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and more.  

Do I Have Time Off?

Counselors can expect to have three weekends off throughout the summer (from 8pm on a Friday to 8pm on a Sunday). In addition, staff are permitted three evenings off per two-week session and at least one hour off per day. Kitchen & Housekeeping Staff are permitted three weekends off throughout the summer, plus nine evenings off per session.

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