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Frequently Asked Questions

Is camp safe for my camper?

Yes! Safety is our top priority. We work closely with the Department of Health and are accredited by the American Camp Association. We undergo yearly inspections to ensure we are adhering to and complying with Suffolk County and New York State children's camp regulations. Prior to the camp season, we meet with a Community Relations Officer from Suffolk County Police Department who overlooks our camp safety and emergency procedures. The camp director and assistant director live on site and complete nightly (12am) checks of all the cabins. All staff are trained to protect the safety and well being of campers and to handle emergency situations. Background checks are completed for all staff and visitors to  Holiday House. International staff are hired through authorized and reputable organizations such as Camp America and International Exchange of North America.  


What kind of medical care is provided at camp?

A Registered Nurse or Emt is on-site 24/7 to take care of medical situations as they arise. Several of our staff including, counselors, kitchen team, assistant director and camp director are trained in First Aid and CPR. Should an emergency occur, we have a safety plan in place and emergency services will be contacted immediately, shortly followed by a call to the camper's parent/guardian. 


What about my camper's medications?

​We need written orders for prescription medication from your campers’s healthcare provider and medications should arrive in their original container along with the camper's name, type of medication, dosage, name of healthcare provider and instructions for use. Medications will be given to the camp nurse and stored in a locked cabinet, in the health office, during your camper's stay. 


Can my camper use a mobile at camp?
Nope! Our camp is an electronic free zone. Campers are asked not to bring any electronic devices including: mobiles, laptops, iPads, cameras or music players. We have everything you need here at camp.  


What are the sleeping and bathroom facilitates like?
Campers sleep in cabins with up to twelve campers. Three counselors sleep in each cabin and there is a small divide between the camper and counselor section. Cabins are divided by age groups, therefore it may not be possible for siblings to be in the same cabin if they are of different ages, however they will see each other throughout the day and participate in multiple activities together throughout the session. Campers are supervised by counselors during rest and sleeping hours. We provide showers with hot water and regular bathroom facilities.


Can I visit or call my camper at camp?

Visits or calls from parents can be very disruptive to the flow of programs and can encourage homesickness for all campers. For these reasons, parents/guardians cannot visit or call their campers while they are at camp. Parents can call to speak to the Camp Director or camp counselors. Exceptions are made in emergencies, of course. 


How can I keep in touch with my camper?

We encourage you to write to your camper during their stay. We will also encourage your camper to write to you. If we have any concerns about your camper's health or well-being, the Camp Director will contact you directly. It is helpful to pack stamps, envelopes and writing materials in your camper's luggage. 

Tip: Write a letter to your camper and send it the day before drop-off, so she can open it on her first official camp day.


What if there is an emergency at home?

If there is an emergency at home, you can get in touch with your camper by calling Holiday House at (631) 427-7630. 

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