A Typical Camp Day

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07:30: Wake up: Brush your teeth, wash your face & get ready for the day!

08:00: Line up at the flagpole for morning announcements and flag raising

08:15: Breakfast 

09:00: Clean up and make your bed

09:30: Dance

10:15: Swim

11:00: Nature

11:45: Free Time - Play on the playground, dance in the Pavilion or make

            friendship bracelets in the lobby 

12:15: Lunch 

01:00: Rest Hour

02:00: Yoga

02:45: Music

03:30: Snack

04:00: Choice Period - Choices include swim, Zumba, sewing,

            crafts or clay making

05:00: Line up at the flagpole for evening announcements and flag lowering

05:15: Dinner

06:00: Showers

06:30: Free Time  

07:00: Evening Activity - Evenings are special at Holiday House!

08:15: Brush your teeth & get ready for bed

09:00: Lights out! Sleep tight!